I care about the liberation, joy and freedom of all Black people.

I believe in the power of Black imagination and protecting our incredibly rich tradition of storytelling at all costs. I know that Black stories possess a nourishing magic that enables us to survive and thrive in the face of incredible obstacles. In my work, I strive to help folks access the tools they need to tell powerful stories in an effort to heal all Black people.

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Who am I?

I'm Marrion, a Black, queer writer, storyteller, and communications strategist. My work focuses on storytelling that centers racial equity and LGBTQ justice. I mostly support nonprofits and small businesses by thoughtfully and intentionally crafting narratives that illustrate their values and impact on the world. I passionately believe in the power of the individual and collective voice, and that once we recognize the connectedness of all of our journeys, we might find a clear path toward freedom.

what’s at stake?

Black liberation, joy and freedom is attacked on almost every front, every single day.

Our humanity is unseen and our lives are taken at the hands of state-sanctioned violence, we’re pushed out of the communities we call home at the drop of a hat, we’re experimented on, lied to and worst of all, told that none of this is happening; that it’s all in our heads.


Why stories?

I believe that we all have exactly what we need within us to heal ourselves and our communities.

No matter how difficult to articulate or complicated they may be, stories, especially imaginative ones, open our minds to a world of possibility. Stories help us learn from one another. They connect us, despite our differences. Through storytelling we see just how much we have in common and can dream of how far we may go, together.


What I’m doing about it!

I’ve dedicated my life’s work to helping people realize the full potential of their stories.

Through workshops and trainings, the creation of communications strategies, and brand and message development, I guide people, organizations and businesses towards unlocking their visions for the world, and enhancing their capacity to thoughtfully reach community through stories. I help organizations centering racial equity and LGBTQ justice craft meaningful messages that carefully articulate their values and help them engage with audiences.


My Services:


Communications strategy

I create thoughtful communications and digital strategies with accessible tactics that offer guidance on how to engage your audience and change hearts and minds, through language. 


Brand + Message development

It's imperative that you understand your brand and audience, and craft language that inspires them to act. Together, we'll flesh out the heart of your values and create messages in line with your beliefs and goals.

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storytelling workshops

What I enjoy the most is helping folks tap into the power of their own voice, use that voice to connect with others and learn ways to share powerful narratives that progress your movements forward.